Focus and Scope

JOMLAI: Journal of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is a scientific journal related to machine learning and artificial intelligence that contains scientific writings on pure research and applied research in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as an overview of the development of theories, methods, and related applied sciences. Topics cover the following areas (but are not limited to):

  1.   Software engineering
  2.   Hardware Engineering
  3.   Information Security
  4.   System Engineering
  5.   Expert system
  6.   Decision Support System
  7.   Data Mining
  8.   Artificial Intelligence System
  9.   Computer network
  10.   Computer Engineering
  11.   Image processing
  12.   Genetic Algorithm
  13.   Information Systems
  14.   Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  15.   Database System
  16.   Big Data
  17.   Internet of Things
  18.   Enterprise Computing
  19.   Machine Learning
  20.   Other relevant study topics

Noted: Articles have primary citations and have never been published online or printed before